What to expect

We have a consultation before every session.

This allows us to get a sense of your style, personality and vision for your images and artwork. If you need help rounding out a concept we're here to help--it allows us to be creative! It's also one of our strengths as a studio. We are artists and visionaries and when we meet you and start getting to know you, that's when the ideas and concepts for your custom family art will come to us! Where and how you plan to display your finished artwork will determine which of our super unique one-of-a-kind products we should introduce you to! Client meet art...art meet client...love at first sight.

During the consultation we will choose clothing (plan to use this as an occasion/excuse to shop!), locations and the best time to shoot.

To ensure we capture all of you at your best we'll create a relaxed and comfortable experience for you and your family. Plan to enjoy the process and the session and even make a family date night of it! Leave it up to us to make it easy and fun.

Once the session is complete we will have you back in the studio within two weeks to view and purchase your images. As design experts we will help create beautiful art for your home.

Expect creativity.  Expect Service.   Expect to enjoy the process!