Dress Code


We are looking forward to creating a portrait like no other for your family.  Our soft yet intentional lighting, elegant posing, and YOUR beautifully dressed loved ones will result in an exquisite piece of portrait art.

This is a time to go all out! Formal wear is not only appropriate, but a necessity, for the most important heirloom portrait you will possess.

In general, we ask that you wear dark clothing to keep the focus on the face and eyes, not the clothing. Our contoured lighting and subtly textured backgrounds look best with darker tops.  In our experience, the following works best:

Men - Dark Jackets (tuxedo or suit), white shirt, tie, and dark pants.

Ladies - Dark (black, navy, burgundy, dark green, jewel tones, etc.) dress or gown. Little or no pattern is preferable.  Classic Jewelry such as diamonds, pearls, etc. are encouraged.

Young Girls - Dark or jewel toned solid dresses are preferred, but ivory, cream or off white are also acceptable if they are 4 or under. Short sleeves or sleeveless for the young girls is fine.

Young Boys - Same as men, or a solid dark sweater. If under 4, a white shirt with bow tie can be appropriate.

If you are envisioning a more casual portrait for your family, here are some guidelines: You should still be in something dark and solid; not busy in a style that will look acceptable 20 years from now.  Keep it classic—you will be enjoying this special portrait on your wall for many years!  Your faces and eyes should draw the attention in the portrait, not your clothing.