Addison, Kaiah, Shandon, Jennifer, Jerry and Kerick Oates

Addison, Kaiah, Shandon, Jennifer, Jerry and Kerick Oates

HOW WE WORK:  We start by understanding your life journey. Together we explore what is important you and then imagine how your world view can be demonstrated visually. Our personal attention to your unique perspective on life is what sets us apart. Every detail of your image is optimized to produce breathtaking works of art to be cherished for a lifetime.

WHO WE ARE:  We met at a wedding, but remained "just friends" for almost 5 years while we separately traveled the world and "faxed" or sent snail mail to communicate and grow closer.  Finally Jerry convinced me (Jennifer) that we should be together and we got married in May 1993. He was right. We were made for each other.

We work, live, raise our 4 kids, and solve problems as a team. Jerry is the funny one. Jennifer is the focused one. Jerry loves Kim-chi, Sushi and and anything labeled "Fine Dining" - translation - expensive.  Jen juices heavily and snacks on rice cakes. Jerry schools his sons in Potato Gun design and rock guitar, Jen teaches Pilates.  Passion and Practicality--we mix well and laugh a lot.

As a couple, we share a love for people and a driving desire to create stunning art pieces for your home that will remind you daily how beautifully you fit together and how important your love for each other continues to be.

WHAT WE DO:  Our style can best be described as “epic.”  We tell your story by creating dramatically clean images crafted in perfect light.  To us, photography is so much more than reproducing images.  We strive to capture the emotion that permeates all family and relationships.  As award winning photographers our passion is in uncovering the essence of your love for each other and revealing the beauty of who you are as a family today.